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Protect your Whatsapp account with two step verification security for mobile phone android app

In this article, I will show you how to protect your WhatsApp account with a two-step verification process for android app and ios which requires a six-digit pin code

 You will learn what to do in case you forget the six-digit verification pin code. The two-step verification process adds an extra layer of protection to your WhatsApp account. So lets get started.

 Step 1 

First go to settings then click on account option which has a key icon. Here you will see a lot of options. Click on two-step verification.

 Step 2 

Once, you are in the two-step verification user interface then you will see an option called enable at the bottom of your screen. Click on it.

 Step 3 

A new user interface will be opened in front of you. Here enter the 6 digit pin code of your choice. This pin will be asked when you reinstall the WhatsApp on a new phone.

 Step 4 

So if someone tries to log in to your WhatsApp account then he also needs this six-digit verification pin code which will verify the rightful owner of the WhatsApp account.

Protect your Whatsapp account with two step verification security privacy authentication

Once you have entered the six-digit pin then click on the next. Enter your pin again to confirm and click on next.

Now you will be asked to enter the email address.This email address will be used to reset the six-digit pin code in case you forget the six-digit verification pin code.

The tech news is enter the email address which will act as a backup for recovering your Whatsapp account.

Now click on next. Confirm your email address and click on save. You will finally see a message which says two-step verification is enabled. Click on done.

You can turn off this two-step verification process by clicking on the disable option. So this was a quick and easy process of securing your WhatsApp account.

Let's say you've bought a new phone and you are trying to install WhatsApp. But it needs the six-digit pin code for the verification of the owner. If you do not know this six digit pin code then follow these steps.

Open the whatsapp. Enter your phone number. Click on the next. After that, WhatsApp will verify your account by a text message.Whatsapp will ask you to enter the six digit pin for verification. In this situation you need to click on the forgot pin option which is in green color.

A new window will appear which says send the email. click on it and whatsapp will send you a link through which you can reset your six digit verification pin code.

Now open the email which you registered with whatsapp. You will see a blue color link at the bottom of the whatsapp email. By clicking this link whatsapp two step verification will be turned off. So click on it.

After that, a WhatsApp page will be opened in a new browser. Click on the confirm button. You will see a message which says two step verification has been removed from your whatsapp account.

After that, you can log in without the six-digit verification pin code. So this was the quick and easy process of securing your whatsapp account through two step verification process. So this was the technology news about security of whatsapp app

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