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New Reader Mode in opera mobile android app : How to enable reading mode in opera browser mobile phone android app

Opera has updated its Android web browser.

The biggest feature included in this update is the new reader mode which unclutters webpages to allow you to focus on the text and images of the articles.

This will provide a better browsing experience for all the users.

The newly improved reading mode is Opera’s latest effort to allow people to focus on the article they want, without distractions.

Reader mode in opera mobile app

The tech news is you can enable the reader mode from the shortcut which is located at the top right corner of the address bar.

The icon has a capital A written on it. Once you tap on it. Then it will change the interface of the webpage into a more cleaner look and easy to read.

You can even change it to dark mode which will enhance user experience and makes it really comfortable reading articles at night.

To activate the dark theme with reader mode, first Click on the opera icon at the bottom right corner.
A Menu panel will appear in front of you .

Here click on the settings icon. On the settings menu interface, scroll down a little bit and click on appearance option.

The first option is theme. Here tap on the dark color option. This will activate the the dark mode theme in the reader mode of the opera android app.

At any time you can disable the reader mode by just tapping on the reader mode icon again. This will restore your webpage to its original form.

If you do not see the reader mode icon in the address bar then you can activate it manually.

In order to do that, First Tap on the Opera Menu button at the bottom right corner and select Settings.

On the settings page scroll down a little bit and tap on Appearance option.

A new graphical user interface will be opened on mobile. Now Scroll down a little bit and click on the shortcut in address bar.

A list of options will appear in this mode. Choose the reader mode option from here. This will activate the reader mode icon in the address bar of the opera mobile app. So this was the technology news about opera browser.

You can watch this youtube video for step by step instruction : New reader mode in opera mobile app

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