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About Us

Tech Glider Blog Presents Reviews of Apps and Software's that are helpful and useful. 

Welcome to Tech Glider Website

I make videos and write articles about apps and softwares that are helpful and useful.
Following my passion for technology was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Technology is something I have been passionate about.
Technology has amazed me and fortunately I have been in the right generation to be able to keep growing up and share this with amazing people in the world. I strongly believe, positive people role models are important to drive interest among technology. Technology has helped us in the development and growth of the mankind as a whole.

This website is technology based website which mainly focuses on softwares and apps.
You can find apps reviews for example education, business, finance, food, technology, fitness, games, entertainment, photo, video, productivity etc.

When you are "passionate" about something you like, you want to share it with other amazing people.

Apps and software's help us finding the best prices for the goods that we want to buy. We can explore new places, new music genre, new restaurants, dishes, fashion clothes and more.

Some of these Apps make our life easier and more productive. The apps that are reviewed on our website could be from music section, gaming section, tech section or other section.