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Increase productivity by trying Google keep new features on mobile phone android app

Google Keep app...

The Note-taking service developed by Google is the Google Keep android app and ios, Which has large sticky notes in its user interface.

It helps you to capture notes and get a reminder later at the right place or the right time.
You can Speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically converted from speech to text.

The tech news is Google Keep makes it easy to capture notes or list for yourself, and share it with friends and family.
You can Add notes and lists to your google keep. For example grocery list or stationary or To-do List etc

Google Keep App : Increase Productivity Try Google Keep App Tips
Google Keep

 Add Photos To Notes 

Google keep gives you the opportunity to add photos to the notes. This way it becomes very interesting to sort out the notes.

Grab a photo of a receipt or poster or document and easily organize. You can also convert these images to text.

 Voice Note: Text To Speech 

If you are traveling and suddenly you want to write down something that's very important then you can do so by Recording a voice memo.

Google Keep will record it as voice and also convert it into text in real time. This way it helps you to save a lot of time.

These features are particularly useful in business meetings or academic lectures etc.

Google Keep App Review: Google Keep Tip
Google Keep

 Add Collaborators 

You can easily plan a surprise party by sharing your Google Keep notes with others and collaborating with them in real time.

To do this you can add collaborators to google keep note. This way each member can tick the items that they are bringing in real time. This helps contribution much more fun.

You can also use this feature when you are at a grocery store. So your partner will know which items you have already bought. You can get the items checked in real time.

let's say if I bought 1st two items, I am going to check to mark it, my friends will see these changes. They will know that these two items are bought, so it could be really useful when planning a trip.

 Color Code The Notes 

Google keep has the functionality of Colors to code the notes. It helps to organize the notes quickly.
There are 8 different ways to color code the notes, with color options like white, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue or grey.

You can choose Yellow for personal notes, Blue for professional Notes.
You can also choose red color for the things that you really want to to do. These Colors can help us to identify different notes faster.

 Put Labels To Notes 

You can also put labels the notes. For example, you can choose a label like shopping.
So When you click the label called shopping. All the shopping-related items will show up at one place. Similarly, you can put the label like professional note, personal note, etc.

 Syncs With All Devices 

Google Keep works, on your tablet, computer, phone, and Android Wearables.
Your notes sync across all of your devices so your notes are always with you. The right note at the right time.

 Location Based Reminder 

Well if you need to remember to pick up some groceries. Google Keep allows you to set a location-based reminder for your grocery list.

So whenever you are near a grocery store. Google keep will pop up notification immediately. This feature is amazing.

Google Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, website links, and audio. Users can set reminders, which works with Google Now.

 Time Based Reminder 

You can also set Time based reminders in Google Keep.
For example, you need to recharge your mobile, attend some meeting or need to call someone at a specific time.

Then you can use this feature. This reminder will also appear on google calendar. This feature allows you to become more productive.

Top right corner bell icon. Select the small hand icon at the bottom of any note and set a date and timely reminder for the note.

 Grab Text From Images 

Text from images can be extracted using OCR Technology.
Google Keep converts images to Text, which could be useful in a lot of circumstances, including shopping receipts, creating important notes or references, etc.

To use this feature Just select the image, then click the plus icon, then select the drawing option.
then click 3 dots on the upper right corner, thereafter click grab image text, that's it guys.
Now, Google keeps will grab text from the image.

 Checkbox Option 

If you have written some previous notes on google keep then you can also convert these text notes into checklists anytime.

While using a note, touch the plus icon in the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap "Checkboxes".

Google Keep will add a checkbox to the start of every new line, and you can start checking items off as you complete them. It also allows you to view notes from a multi-column view to a single-column view.

 Supports Handwritten Notes 

Google keep has a feature through which you can draw inside google keep.

You can also make handwritten notes which is pretty amazing. select a note, then click on the drawing.

Now you can take handwritten notes. It has option to choose colors, You can highlight some important text in between.

Google keep can convert the normal note into an online paper. Just click on 3 dots, select show grid, and now choose the grid. It's done

Good Job Guys. Google keep also has the ability to access Gmail.

 Pin Notes Option 

Google keep has added the ability for users to pin notes. So your most important notes will always appear on top of the google keep user interface.

Just select the note and tap the pushpin icon in the upper right corner.

 Search Option 

Speaking of search, Google Keep's search function can do a lot more. Just tap the search box at the top of the app's main screen and then scroll down a bit.

You will see tools for filtering your notes to show only those with lists, images, or URLs attached as well as only notes assigned to a particular color or label. So this option of Google keep can help us to find the list, URLs, label, images, things, color.

For example, if I click yellow, I am going to see all my personal notes and if I click blue I will get work-related notes.

 Find Reminders 

You can find your reminders very easily. The simple solution taps the three-line menu icon in Keep's upper-left corner and select "Reminders."

There, you'll see a list of notes which has been attached as a reminder and you can find exactly when or where it's set to give the reminder.

 Make A Copy 

You can also work on a note without affecting your original copy. Google Keep has an easy option for doing just that.

Open a note, then tap the three-dot menu icon in the lower-right corner and select "Make a copy."
You'll be taken to an exact replica of the note while your original version remains untouched.

 Rearrange Notes 

Google keep allows you to Organize your notes more efficiently. Just drag & drop your notes and lists to rearrange them.

You can have the shortcut to add labels by using hashtags, quickly choose the labels for the note and that it.

 Other Features 

Google keep can also integrate with google doc, you can also drag images from keep to google docs, or drag checklist there.
Similarly, you can transfer note from doc to google keep.

You can create Sub-list by just dragging the six dots towards the right-hand corner.
Google keep has a shortcut on windows pc.

You can convert an initial checklist, pressing windows key L, which will open a new list. So this was the technology news about Google keep app

You can watch this video of Google keep for complete instruction  Notes for google keep : features to organise things

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You can download Google Keep app from Playstore