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Files app by google dark theme mode : How to enable dark theme mode on google files android app

Google’s official file manager app has a dark theme. The dark theme mode seems to be a mix of OLED friendly colors in black and dark grey.

The app has a settings menu which is black and backgrounds are black too, while menu panels and other elements use the dark grey scheme instead.

The Dark theme mode in Google file app should also result in huge power savings for the phones with AMOLED displays.

The tech news is AMOLED screens mobiles are able to dim and even turn off single pixels that are displaying black or dark colors.

This is how it helps to preserve battery life of the phones.

The Dark Theme mode is designed to make it easier to view app screen in low light conditions

Files by google dark theme , How to enable dark mode on google files android app
Google file dark theme

 Dark theme 

Let us see how to enable dark theme mode on google files android app

1. First Launch Google Files app, and then tap on the 3 bar hamburger icon on the top left corner.

2. From the menu choose the Settings option.

3. Once you enter the settings screen, you can use the toggle option to turn on the Dark theme. This theme is visible throughout the google files app.

The clean section, browse and share section displays in dark theme which is good for low light visibility.

You can now clean junk files from the phone with a new look of the app.

You can also share files securely through its file sharing feature which can provide faster speeds. It can help people share music files, pdf, etc.

The app also has a built-in file manager app that can help you organize files like, mp3, mp4, word, PowerPoint, etc. The google file app has an app rating of 4.7 on play store and 100 million-plus downloads.

It also acts as a file cleaner that can save space on your phones and acts as a multiple apps combine into a single one. So this was the technology news about google keep dark theme feature

You watch this youtube video : Files by google dark theme : How to enable dark mode

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