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Get every video from your favorite youtube creator with this youtube setting for mobile phone android app

Get every video from your favorite youtube creator with this youtube setting. Let us say you are watching videos on youtube and suddenly you come across an amazing video on  which you really like. In order get more videos from that youtube creator you click the subscribe button on. This feature amazing in android app and ios .

But majority of the times you are not getting the videos from that creator in your video home feed, so whats the solution? How can you get every video from that creator everytime he releases a new one?

In this article i will show you useful youtube app setting which can help you get latest videos from your favorite youtube creator
Youtube Subscription

 Subscription Tab 

If you are on "home" tab of the youtube app then click on "subscription tab" at the bottom. Here if you scroll down, you can see all the videos from your favorite creators one by one. But wait there is more...

The tech news is user can also manage your subscriptions from here. Click on the "All" option at the top of the subscription button.

A new user interface will be opened in front of you. Here you can see all the youtube channels that you have subscribed to. You can look at the channel name and channel logo from here.

You also have the option to arrange the channels with an option at the top left corner. Click on it, now you can see more options here.

The first one is "most relevant" this option will show videos from channels that are relevant to you.

The second option is "new activity" This option shows the latest videos first from the youtube.

The third option is "A-Z" which shows all the list of youtube channels that you have subscribed to in alphabetic order.

The technology news is A-z option is the best option because you can look at every video from your "subscription tab". So make sure you have this option enabled.

Next option you can see is called MANAGE" at the top right corner . Click on it. Here you can see all the channels that you have subscribed to.

You can check which channels have bell icon enabled. Here check the channels one by one and enable the bell icon for super fast updates.

If you want all the notifications then change the bell from personalized notification to all notification.

Now let us look at the third option. This option is called "inbox" and it is located at the bottom of the youtube app. Click on it. This option will show every latest video from your favorite creator. So these are the few settings which can help you get more videos from your favorite creator.

I hope this article was helpful

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