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1 of Best Free VPN : Windscribe VPN on Windows, Mac and Android.

                                      Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN offers a powerful desktop application, browser extension, and mobile phone android app combo that works to deliver the safe internet browsing experience possible, on various devices you are surfing on.

The best part is no name, email, or other personal information is required when creating a user account, and no logs are stored over the user's activities on the network.

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN masks a user device's physical location from third parties using an encrypted tunnel and lets you access geo locked content from anywhere.

With a Windscribe VPN subscription, the user can enjoy unlimited simultaneous connections and unlimited downloads.


Let's talk about security. Tech news is that Windscribe VPN primarily uses the IKEv2 / IPsec encryption protocol in its clients, which are both very secure, but at the same time very fast, as it is less demanding of resources.


Now let us talk about the windscribe VPN servers. Windscribe has servers in over 100 locations and 52 countries - including in Denmark, where you can choose between two server locations. Windscribe VPN offers free VPN too.

At first, you will get 2GB of data while creating an account. If a user confirms his email address then he will get 8GB extra. And if you tweet about them you will get 5GB extra so a total of 15GB of data is given to its users for free.

The free VPN servers include the U.S, Canada, U.K, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, turkey and more countries.

                                                 Anonymous surfing 

Let's talk about privacy. Windscribe VPN claims that it does not record permanent logs of user activities and deletes all tracks 3 minutes after connection is interrupted. The only permanent log is a timestamp on when a user was last connected to the service which is saved to identify and remove passive accounts.

It only requires a user name and a password to create one Windscribe account so it does not contain personal data at all. Windscribe VPN takes about 10 seconds to register a new user, just select a username, password and you are started. It is not even necessary to enter an email so no personal information is associated with the user profile.

Payment is made through a 3rd party, so Windscribe has made sure not to record any data that can be linked to the persons behind the usernames. Windscribe VPN gives its own DNS servers, which prevents a user's IP address from being leaked by DNS lookup.


Now let's talk about windscribe VPN features

1. Free plan includes 10GB of free data per month, one of the best offers on the market.

2. Free plan includes servers like the U.S, Canada, U.K, Germany, France, etc

3. Windscribe VPN is Super easy to use: Just one tap and your connection are totally safe.

4. Winscribe VPN provides a malware blocker to protect the system and run the browser smoothly.

5. This VPN service comes with DNS leak protection.

6. It has a No logs policy. Which does not keep user history.

7. All data passing through windscribe VPN are encrypted through 256 AES Encryption which ensures nobody can spy on your Internet activities

8. You can increase the data limit by tweeting about windscribe VPN or by inviting friends.

9. It provides you a location hiding encrypted tunnel which gives you access to geo restricted content.

10. The windscribe VPN Includes a tracker blocker. This way websites cannot track you.

11. This service is also available on other operating systems and browsers.

12. Winscribe VPN supports Split Tunneling – this way you can choose which apps should go over the VPN tunnel.

                                                 How to connect 

Lets us see how to connect to the windscribe VPN service. Open the windscribe VPN android app and then click on the white color circular icon.

When VPN is connected a user will see the connected status on the android app screen. Users will also see a key icon at the top right corner of the app.

Now just open the google chrome mobile browser and open the incognito tab. In the search bar type my location and click on the search icon. This way you can see the virtual location on the google chrome browser.

Now let us change the virtual location in the windscribe VPN app. To do that, first, open the app and look for the available country names on the list.

Lets us say if I tap on Switzerland. Then it will show me the VPN servers available in the Switzerland location. As soon as I tap on the Zurich server, within seconds it gets connected to the Zurich location. You can also add these servers to your favorite list by clicking on the heart icon on the left.

User can check this in the google chrome browser. Open another incognito tab and search for my location in the search bar. 

Now you can see the new location for example Zurich location on google maps.You can see your favorite servers by tapping on the heart icon of the user interface.

Robert feature

Now let us see some other options for the windscribe VPN app. Click on the 3 bar hamburger icon on the top left corner. A new user interface will be opened in front of you. Here click on the account option.

Now click on the edit account option at the bottom of the screen. This way you will be able to customize your user account more professionally.

Now click on my account option. The drop down menu will show advance options here. Click on the Robert option. You can click on malware protection and trackers protection from here. The option is available for pro account users.

Now come back top the windscribe VPN app dashboard. And click on 3 bar hamburger icon again. Tap on the connection icon. Here you can enable or disable the split tunneling option. It also has an always-on VPN and other useful features.

Technology news is that Windscribe VPN provides the R.O.B.E.R.T feature. This tool blocks malware by default, it can also be used to block specific social media sites, gambling, and even sites that publish fake news which is a pro account feature.

To configure the function, you need to go back to your account and click on the tab. Then you simply have to mark the category of content that you want to block.

This windscribe VPN feature protects you from viruses etc. Taking control of ROBERT is putting yourself completely in the cyber driving seat.

You can watch step by step instruction in this video : How to use Windscribe Free VPN service

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