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Google Keep dark theme mode feature to save battery life of the in android app phones

Google offers a dark theme feature for its android note taking app called Google Keep. Using the dark theme can be extremely helpful at the night.

It also helps you to preserve the mobile phone's battery life

The new dark theme mode in Google Keep app is not a pure black theme. It is a dark grey color theme in the android app

Google keep dark theme mode

These are the advantages of using dark theme mode.

The Dark mode in Google keep app should also result in power savings for the phones with AMOLED displays.

This is because AMOLED screens are able to dim or even turn off individual pixels that are displaying dark or black colors.

This is how it helps to preserve the battery life of the phones. The tech news is Dark Theme mode is designed to make it easier to view app screen in low light conditions.


Let us see how to enable dark mode in Google Keep notes app.

1. First Tap on the hamburger icon in the top left corner. When you click on it, a menu interface will

2. appear on your mobile phones screen.

3. Tap on Settings. It will be the 2nd last option in the menu interface. Then find the Enable dark theme option in the settings page.

4. Now Toggle the white colored switch, right after the Enable dark theme option, This will apply the dark theme in the googles note taking app.

5. The dark color theme will replace the white color background of the app with a dark grey color.

If you want to restore the default light color theme then just toggle off the Enable dark theme option. and That's it!

Now You have successfully enabled the night mode feature on your Google Keep App.

Now you can create new notes and view old notes in low light conditions very easily. So this was the technology news about the google keep app.

You can watch this Youtube video : How to enable dark theme mode in Google Keep

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