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How to change whatsapp chat background wallpaper and personalize the WhatsApp android app

WhatsApp is a messaging app that is also customizable. WhatsApp comes with abilities to change the default chat background to any image that is on the phone, a solid color, a selection of official wallpapers by WhatsApp, or no wallpaper at all.

Depending on your mood, you can change WhatsApp chat wallpaper on your phone to have awesome chat experience. There are multiple impressive wallpapers to choose from.

What’s more, you can even set a dark color as the chat background.
The tech news is you also have the option to set your favorite picture as the wallpaper for the app.

How to change whatsapp chat background and personalise the WhatsApp android app
Whatsapp wallpaper

Let us see how to change the WhatsApp chat background for a specific contact or group.

1. Open the WhatsApp chat or group.
2. Tap on the 3 vertical dots.
3. You will see the wallpaper option. Click on it
4. After that, a wallpaper pop up window will appear in front of you.
5. You can see several options here.

The first option is "No Wallpaper" if you choose this option then it will remove the default background to a grey color wallpaper.

The second option is the "Gallery". If you tap on this option then you will be presented with a variety of pictures from your gallery.

Choose anyone and Drag the picture to adjust to the whatsapp screen and click on set.

The third option is "Solid color" If you choose this option then it will show you a variety of single color wallpaper that you can select as a chat background.

The fourth option is "wallpaper gallery" If you tap on this option then it will ask you to download the Whatsapp wallpaper package from Google play store.

You can install this to have more options from the official whatsapp wallpapers.

The fifth option is the default. At any time if you want to go back to the original WhatsApp wallpaper then click on this option. and thats it.

If you want to choose a single wallpaper for all of your contacts then follow this instruction

1. First, go to WhatsApp chat screen and click on three vertical dots.
2. Now click on settings option. A new user interface will be opened in front of you.
3. Click on the option named as chats. Scroll down a little bit.
4. You will see an option called as wallpaper
5. Here several options will appear in the popup window of wallpaper.
6. Choose your favorite option and that's it. So this was the technology news about changing about whatsapp chat background wallpaper

You can watch the Youtube video for the process How to change whatsapp chat background wallpaper

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