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How to add favorite whatsapp chat shortcut on home screen in mobile phone android app

WhatsApp chat shortcut feature gives awesome chat experience with friends, office staff and family. Communication between two person has become easier because of it.

The Whatsapp chat shortcut contains the contact profile logo of a group or person on the home screen.
The tech news is with one tap, you can instantly open the favorite chat or group. This saves time searching a long list of contacts in WhatsApp chat list.

How to create whatsapp chat shortcut on homescreen android app in phone
WhatsApp Chat Shortcut

Accessing contacts and replying to them becomes fast. This way you can not miss important chats from the business group etc.

Lets us see how to create a WhatsApp chat shortcut

Open WhatsApp. You will see a list of your individual and group chats.

Long press on the groups or chat.
Tap on the three vertical dots.

Now you will find the add chat shortcut option.
Click on it. You will see a pop up: Chat Shortcut added to your home screen

Your group chat shortcut is now on the home screen and will have the group profile picture as the icon.

The second method is

Open the WhatsApp and go inside a group chat.
Just tap on the three vertical dots menu at the top.
Tap on More.

You will see "add shortcut".
Just tap to confirm. You will see: Chat Shortcut added to your home screen.
Your group shortcut is created on the home screen

At any time you can remove WhatsApp chat shortcut if you want. Let us see how to do this

First Unlock your home screen if you have set a password.
Go to the chat shortcut in home screen.

Tap and longpress the shortcut chat until cross options appear on the top and then slightly drag and drop to remove option.  and that’s it. So this was the technology news about whatsapp chat shortcut feature.

You can also watch youtube video of How to add whatsapp chat shortcut on homescreen

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