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How to contact google pay customer care. Safe Method on mobile phone android app

Google Pay app customer care...

This article is about how you can contact Google Pay customer care safely. If you have any queries regarding google payment method, transaction pending, scratch card, cash mode transaction or upi payments then you can easily contact google pay app customer care.

You can call Google pay customer care safely. First, take up your phone and open google pay android app and ios. The Google pay app will help us to send a call request to google pay employees

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Google Pay Customer Care

When you open the google pay you will see its user interface.

You can see 3 dots on the upper right-hand side corner. click on 3 dots then you will see the option called settings.

Click on the settings option. After that user interface will be opened in front of you.

Now, scroll down a little bit and click on help and feedback.
On new interface scroll down and click on "contact". Then another user interface will appear.

Here, you will see some of the "Popular issues" with their solutions. If you have some related problem then you can click on these options.

These options contain general solutions. If these option does not solve the issue. Then scroll down to contact section.

You will find two options. Choose the option like chat or phone. Chat option will help you to directly chat with google pay employees.

Google Pay

If you want to talk to customer care then click on "phone" option then Google pay customer care employee will call you back.

So once you click on phone option a new interface will appear. Good job. Now enter your name in the first box.
Then select the country you are from, for example, I select India.

To select India I click on the box then I get a drop-down menu. The tech news id this drop menu has different countries.

After selecting a country. Then enter your ten digits mobile number that is registered with google pay.

On this number Google pay customer care will call you. There is another box where you can describe your issue in detail. it is optional.

You can write the issue if you want and if you are in a hurry then you can completely ignore this option.

Then click on the send icon on the top right corner.
Good job guys. You have easily requested a callback.

After a few minutes, you will get a call back from them. So your banking details are safe. So this was the technology news about google pay customer care

You can watch this video on contacting Google pay customer care for complete instruction.

How to contact google pay customer care 

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