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Using Google Calendar app effectively to organize your life with mobile phone android app

Google Calendar app...

The app helps you to remember the birthdays of family members, wedding anniversaries etc. is the new  Google Calendar android app and ios. Just click on "Plus Icon" and then "Event".

Now enter the title. select the date and click on "Does not repeat". Now you have the option to repeat it "every year" Just select it set to repeat itself every year. Now hit save.

You can add Life insurance dates, fixed deposit maturity date in a google calendar. this way google calendar will remind you about food or lic dates at the right time.

This way it will remind you about important dates right towards your home screen. So share this video with friends so that this video can help them remember anniversary dates.

Using Google Calendar app effectively to organize your life
Google Calendar

 Find Reservation Details Easily 

If you book a reservation online then Google calendar will automatically show details like restaurant name, date, time, Gps location, phone number, number of people, etc. using details from Gmail

You can also see the source of the email and it shows all the important details. So you find all your important reservation in the calendar itself.

It saves a lot of time. Similarly, it shows timing and places for the movies that you book online.

 Google Calendar widget support 

The tech news is you can make a Google calendar widget shortcut to the home screen so that you can remain up to date at all times.

Just long press on home screen wallpaper and then select the google calendar with schedule layout and place it on the home screen. Now just resize the layout and you are ready to rock.

As you already know that this app automatically shows your flight details in google calendar so that you do not have to check the ticket again and again. this feature saves a lot of time.

Google calendar is a digital calendar that can save you a lot of time. To find out important features watch the video till the end.

Google Calendar

 Remember Important Dates 

Google calendar can be used to share important exam time table, college festival dates with their detail description, etc.

You can also use this app to remember the date for recharging your internet data plan. So that you can browse the internet without interruption

 Color Coding Option 

You can color-code each event and every calendar to make it easy for you to pick out important task each day.

You can choose a variety of colors, for example, Banana for yellow, tangerine for orange, Basil for dark green, etc.

Color coding is an amazing feature of Google calendar through which you can differentiate between different calendar, events, tasks or reminders

For example, you can choose the Blue color for office related task and red color for personal tasks.

 Add attachments 

You can attach a document to your event. Click on your event icon from the google calendar and enter the title.

Once you are in the event edit screen, click on the 'add attachment' icon below the description section.

A large window will appear which consist of files from google drive. You can also upload different files to Google Drive.

From 'My Drive' tab, you can select the 'files' which will be attached to your event for your reference.

 Add Locations 

You can add specific locations with the google calendar app so that it will be very easy to find "meeting places" with just one tap.

It also comes with sharing your own calendar with friends and they will know when you are free to contact.

You can also add An Event or reminder using Google Assistant. Google calendar helps to set goals so that you can track your success.

 Set Goals 

Goals have the "flag" icon. Here you can choose different goals for example running, yoga, badminton, etc.

You can set, how many times you want to do that exercise in one week and for how long.

You also have the option to connect it to google fit app. This way you can track your goals to become more productive.

You can set different goals, for example, learning a new language, practicing guitar, making time for friends, reading, etc.

 Change Calendar View 

You have the ability to change your calendar view from day view to week view to month view or schedule view to show all the schedules at one place. It reflects the format that works best for you.

Just go to the "Hamburger" icon and you can change your calendar view that best suits you. You can also change the day your week begins, your date and time format, weekends, and more.

 Event Reminders 

Google calendar also comes with email event reminders so that it will remind you about an important business meeting or to pick up your dry cleaning etc.

With Google Calendar you can have your events texted, emailed, pop-up notification, or sent as SMS to you directly. Just set up the reminders under " notifications " setting

Adding an event is really easy. Choose a date and add the title. You can also add a reminder.  Reminder features is amazing because it gets carried over the next day automatically.

You can choose the time of the event, add location and color to the event. For example blue for a professional event.

You have the option to mark yourself as busy during this time. Google Calendar lets you add a detailed description of the event in the "Add note" option.

Google calendar has shortcuts, for example, pressing K or P will move you back through the year and pressing Keys J or N will move you forward. Pressing T will take you back to the current view of the year.

 Integrations With Google Maps 

Google Maps Now Integrates Your Google Calendar Events. So you can see your booking on google maps.

You will see a new tab under Your Places marked as 'Upcoming', which includes all your upcoming events. Upcoming events include bookings and reservations pulled from Gmail.

Google Maps also gets a new "Labeling System" where you can label frequently visited places with a name, like 'Favorite Dish' so it’s much easier to navigate there.

Google contacts are integrated on the map and you have an address listed for people in the contacts.

You can simply type peoples name to pull up their address. You can also browse the calendar of interest maintain by google.

Google calendar has the option to share a calendar by sharing its URL to people.

If you want to shift task from one day to another then just drag and drop a task from the current day to another.

Google Calendar lets you add a detailed description of the event. You can go further and add bullet points, attachments, etc to your calendar.

Google calendar app also has a publicly available calendar, for example, favorite football team calendar that you don't want to miss a game for and others.

You can add these to your Google Calendar. Click the plus sign next to other calendars.

You can add to your calendar for everything from holidays to your favorite TV show schedules. So this was the technology news about Google calendar app

You can watch complete instruction of using Google calendar app in this video  Google calendar app : Organise life

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You can download Google Calendar app from Playstore