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Re-invention of UPI payment..use PhonePe keyboard mobile phone android app

PhonePe Keyboard...

It is kind of reinvention of UPI payment that is what the PhonePe keyboard is, which helps you to make payments directly from the keyboard .

Keyboard feature helps you save a lot of time. You can chat on WhatsApp and send money also without leaving the WhatsApp chat.

You can request money from your friends, share movie or dinner bill easily. Similarly, you can surf Instagram, Facebook YouTube and transact money also without leaving those apps.

Digital payments platform, PhonePe has introduced this mobile keyboard that will allow users to transact money no matter which app they are using.

 Features of PhonePe Keyboard 

The feature is meant to allow users to seamlessly send and receive money while messaging on social media, e-commerce apps, surfing the internet, or composing an email. without leaving the screen.

The tech news id this type of keyboard is currently the first in India to offer peer to peer transactions to users without having to exit their current mobile applications.

The keyboard comes along with the functionality to check account balance directly from the keyboard interface, removing the need to switch between multiple apps.

Learn how to use PhonePe keyboard check account balance directly from the keyboard interface
PhonePe Keyboard

The keyboard is enabled from the PhonePe app.

Once enabled the user will need to click on the PhonePe logo displayed on the keyboard to start money transactions.

The biggest advantage of the new feature is that the transactions can be conducted easily and securely

The PhonePe keyboard will allow users to send and request money, check their account balance and invite friends and family to explore this new platform, across all apps.

The UPI-powered PhonePe keyboard integrates seamless money transfers while offering the full functionality of a keyboard.

 How to enable Phonepe Keyboard? 

Lets us know how to enable this keyboard app

Users can enable the keyboard app in these simple steps:

Step 1: Open PhonePe app and navigate to the User profile menu. User Profile is present at the top left corner of the PhonePe app

Step 2: Scroll down and you will find a new option named as "Setup PhonePe Keyboard". click on it and then tap on enable the keyboard

Now you can start making payments directly from the keyboard.

The new keyboard includes a dedicated PhonePe button to the top left of the keyboard, right above the "Q" alphabet.

 Starting Transaction 

Once enabled the user will need to click on the PhonePe logo displayed on the keyboard to start the transaction.

You can see options like "Send", "Request", "Check Balance", and "Invite" in the phonepe keyboard.

In "send" option you can type a person name and his bank account will appear in front of you.

Just select the person. Now "Enter amount". After you have filled the amount click on the "send now" option. Then Phonepe UPI interface will appear.

You can choose the bank from which you want to send the money. After selecting the bank click on "Send" option at the bottom.

Now Just enter the "UPI PIN" of the bank and click on the icon to send the money. The process is complete.

 Checking Balance Made Easy 

You can also check your bank balance. Click on the "Check Balance" option. Now slide the info left or right to select the bank.

Tap on the "Request Balance" option at the bottom of the app. After that, A new interface will appear.

Here enter the "UPI PIN" and then Your bank balance will appear in front of you.

 Use PhonePe while on social media 

Whether you are typing a tweet or updating a Facebook status, searching on e-commerce apps such as Flipkart or Amazon, or using apps like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or typing an e-mail, you can send and request money without having to close application

It should be noted that PhonePe keyboard is not a separate app. It can be enabled directly from the PhonePe app.

PhonePe, which is India’s fastest growing digital payments platform, the only player in India who introduce this one of a kind user-friendly feature.

Which will allow users to transact conveniently and securely with just a click, anytime-anywhere while using their Android phone.

This is another step towards building a more effortless and secure payment experience for consumers.

 Setting Keyboard 

At any moment you can go back to your previous android keyboard. First, go to "setting" option of the phone and then click on "Language and input" option.

A new interface will appear in front of you. Now select the virtual keyboard from "keyboard and input methods".

Now click on "Manage Keyboard". Here disable the "Phonepe keyboard". Now go to WhatsApp or any other app you can now see your old keyboard there.

 Integration of PhonePe 

PhonePe is one of the leading mobile payment apps in India which provides a wide range of payment options as well as support for transferring money, paying bills, phone recharges, and making bookings, etc.

The app supports UPI payments which is one of the fastest peer to peer payment systems in the country. And in order to make it even faster, the team has officially launched this Keyboard. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

 PhonePe Keyboard Features 

Phonepe Keyboard Features

-> Alphabet popup on key press.
-> Separate Number row on the keyboard
-> Sound on key pressing.

-> Auto-capitalization.
-> Next word suggestion.
-> Vibration on key press with vibration manual control.

-> Long press for symbol option.
-> Emoji suggestion based on related words.
-> Double space option.
-> Dark mode & light mode feature on the keyboard.

 PhonePe Logo 

PhonePe users no longer need to switch through multiple apps and they can easily transact while having a chat with their family and friend on their favorite social platform. Request money, Send money, Check Balance without exiting the current app.

It should be noted that PhonePe Keyboard is not a separate app. You can be enable the keyboard directly from the PhonePe app by tapping on one's profile photo and selecting the Setup PhonePe Keyboard option.

The dedicated PhonePe logo will give users instant access to the important functions of PhonePe whilst still using the current android app. So this was the technology news about Phonepe keyboard

You can watch the instruction in this youtube video How to use phonepe keyboard app

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You can download Phonepe App from Playstore