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Lasso app is a short fun video app launched for mobile phone android app

Facebook Lasso App...

The app which helps you- create Fun Videos is the new Facebook Lasso. Facebook has launched a new app called Lasso which lets users create entertaining, fun videos from fitness to comedy to beauty and many more. Facebook Lasso users will be able to record themselves lip syncing to music and dancing for android app and ios.
The tech news is app has a massive music library

 Easy Sign in 

Users will be able to sign in to Lasso app through Instagram or create an account using Facebook. Lasso app also allows users to share their videos directly from the app to their Facebook Stories.

Lasso App

 Viral Video Trends 

You can Follow creators, search hashtags, discover popular viral video trends and much more.

Click on the heart icon to like the video.
You can share the video on your favorite platforms like facebook, Whatsapp group, and others.

Lasso allows users to share content across channels, create short form videos and discover the latest trends to make the video. Click on lasso video icon after that click and hold the record icon for recording.

Lasso App

 Recording With Lasso App 

You can record the video up to 15 seconds. Lasso app also has the option to turn on the flash. You can choose the music.

Lasso app helps to record the video at normal speed, you can record it at 0.1x speed and also you can record it at 3x speed.

You can also record a combination of few second videos and combine them together up to 15 seconds video.

After recording the video just click next. then tap on the music icon after that choose the music that you like then click on add and click on next.

Write the description about what you like and put hashtags. You can also choose to share on Facebook stories and click on share on the top to share with the people.

After that, you will be notified when your video is uploaded. You can click on ROCKET icon to browse TOP CREATORS, discover Lasso Got Talent, comedy, dance, fitness and many more.

 Profile Picture - Lasso App 

Just click on your profile picture to see your following, likes, and followers. You can also view your overall uploaded videos. Click on the pencil icon on the top to edit your channel name. So this was the technology news about lasso app

You can watch step by step instructions on using lasso app in this video  What is lasso app by facebook : create short funny music video

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