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Choose who can change whatsapp group name and image: Whatsapp group setting on mobile phone android app

Whatapp group is incredibly useful and helpful. It keeps us up to date with important announcements from college or office staff etc. Groups are created for a purpose or a goal. Group members who are interested in this purpose or goal join this group to get important updates.

But some members change the WhatsApp group picture and name to irrelevant titles which create confusion in members. It is difficult to find the group with names changed. Some group members leave the group due to frequent changes to group names and pictures.

whatsapp group setting  who can change whatsapp group name and picture

But Whatsapp has a solution to this problem so relax and read this article.
Whatsapp has rolled out a group privacy feature for android and ios users.

The tech news is this WhatsApp group feature helps you choose who can change WhatsApp group name and picture. Previously this feature was only available to beta users but now it is available to all WhatsApp users.

This privacy feature helps the group admins in many ways.

Lets us see how to enable this feature in WhatsApp android app.


First, go to the WhatsApp group in which you want to change the permission of the group name and picture. click on 3 dots on the upper right corner of the WhatsApp app.

In the newly opened menu click on group info.
Now scroll down a little bit and click on group settings.

Here you will see three options. Click on the title which says " edit group info ".
A new user interface will be opened in front of you. With a description that says "choose who can change this group subject, icon, and description " .

The first option is all participants. If you choose this option then any group member can change the group picture and name.

The second option is only admins. If you choose this option then only WhatsApp group admins will be able to change the group image and title.
So choose the setting which is suitable for your WhatsApp group and click ok. So this was the technology news about whatsapp group privacy feature.

Watch this youtube video for full instructions : Whatsapp group privacy setting

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