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Google Pay - a simple and secure payment app with New Features mobile phone android app

Google Pay app..

 The unified payment interface app which is developed by google is Google pay app or you may likewise know it as Gpay UPI app. It has UPI id and UPI pin for security. You can check the upi bank list in the Gpay app interface. Google pay app is extremely simple to use.

The tech news is Google Pay UPI app has another name known as Gpay android app and ios. This app is accessible on Google play store. You can download google pay app from that point. When installation of Google Pay is finished. You can open up the app and continue for signup process

Google pay is a unified payment interface app upi
Google Pay

Use Of Virtual Payment Address (VPA)

  • Its a kind of bank UPI app which has unified pay interface. You can utilize virtual payment address or VPA to pay or receive money.

    • VPA is generated automatically as a matter of course. UPI transfer exchange is eazy to utilize. It has upi security for safe exchanges.

      • Its a cashless payment app designed by google. It supports upi empowered banks in india.

        • With UPI managing an account is easy to utilize. Its an upi upheld payment app. UPI app has its own advantages.

          • You can pay through upi google pay app. UPI payment exchange is simple. Its an upi versatile keeping money app.

          Google Pay unified payment interface, gpay
          Google Pay App

          Features Of Google Pay App

          • Top Features of Gpay app or google pay app encourages you to exchange money straight forwardly to the bank account.

          • You can link your bank to Google pay app over UPI service. After that you can rapidly exchange money starting with one bank then onto the next bank.

          • Google pay app has wide a support for different languages like  hindi, telugu, tamil,  marathi, gujrati, bengali.

          Google Shield To Protect Online Transfer

          • Know your money is secure. Google's multi layered security provides every minute of every day protection by Google Shield. 

          • You can make payments and exchange money both big and small easily. Various layers of security from google protects the bank.

          • Your cash is secure with Google Shield working every day to confirm your online identity. 

          • Every transaction is anchored with your UPI PIN and the app is anchored with a Google PIN or unique finger impression.

          • Google Pay Tez Cash Mode uses a split second send or get payments to anybody nearby without sharing personal details like your bank account or mobile number.

          Audio QR Technology Support

          • It utilizes Audio QR Technology, which utilizes ultrasonic sounds to support exchange of  money, bypassing any NFC needs.

          • Google says that AQR — the sound-based advancement for exchanging money safely between devices — is its an modern innovation.

          • Google has utilized it for payments, in spite of the fact that it has utilized ultrasonic sound for exchanging data between gadgets previously.

          This modern innovation works equally like NFC and with ultrasound beams to associate two mobiles through the phones's receiver and speaker.

          Google considers 'Tez Cash Mode' is as simple as straightforward as giving over money.

          • When the Cash mode is tap on, the app depends on Audio QR for sharing cash between the two mobile phones. 

          • One client needs to tap the pay choice, alternate needs to switch on the receive choice.

          • Clients don't need to share their personal phone number for this exchange and once the money is shared, both get an alert about the exchange of money. 

          You can Transfer money to anybody close-by. Cash mode exchange option is a different area inside the app where users can see a past filled with cash mode transfers account statement. 

          Freedom To Pay Anyplace Anytime

          • Pay your loved ones anyplace anytime.

          • Utilize Gpay for day by day exchanges and furthermore bigger exchanges effectively. 

          • You can pay or get money from any individual who has the Gpay App or some other UPI supported app by just choosing them from your contacts list or by entering their UPI ID.

          • Aside from pay clients, you can likewise include beneficiaries account numbers and IFSC codes to exchange money, or send money by means of an UPI ID, QR code, or telephone number.

          Google Pay Language Support

          • Made for India. Google pay works with all majority of Indian banks and with a vast variety of smartphones, so you can pay or get receive money from anyone anywhere. 

          • Google pay offers language support for English, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati and Telugu.

          • To create an account and to utilize google pay, you need Indian bank account with Upi support and an Indian mobile number.

          Rewards Of Google Pay

          • Get Rewarded, with Google pay app you can earn money through google Get pay Scratch Cards in the app and be qualified to win up to prizes with each qualified exchange. 

          • Your week after week transaction enlist you in Gpay's Lucky cpntest where you could check for google pay 1 lakh winner each week.

          • Exchanges must be at least 50 for each client. See full pay Offers Terms and Conditions for all subtle elements.
          google pay rewards, google pay app is unified payment interface also known as gpay
          Google Pay Rewards

          • To boost Gpay app, Google is putting offer users Rs. 51 for adding or referring new users to utilize the app. 

          • After the referred individual makes their first payment, the both user will get the amount credits to their respective bank balances. 

          • Aside from this, utilizing Gpay to exchange money (Rs. 50 or more) grants both the sender and the reciever Google pay Scratch Cards, with one scratch card for each week for the sender-reciever match. 

          • Scratch card allows user to gain up to Rs. 1,000, which is adds to the individual bank balance.

          The blue ones are for both sender and beneficiary, while one red 'Fortunate Sunday's card is for the sender once every week. 

          This red Google pay Scratch Card is wait until every Sunday, and clients will have the capacity to scratch it for an opportunity to win up to Rs. 1 lakh - according to Google.

          Pay At Local Shops

          • Paying in shops is simpler. The chaiwala adjacent, your milk delivery service or even your most loved salon would now be able to acknowledge payments on the spot with Google Tez Cash Mode

          • Pay in a flash and get speedy payment affirmation all while keeping your own and bank details private.  The two individual need a bank account connected to the Gpay app.

          • For making payments, you can either pay somebody utilizing their UPI proficient bank balance through the Google Pay app, or utilize an UPI ID, filter a QR code or pay utilizing a companion's mobile number. 

          You can Send money home to your family, split a supper bill with Friends, or pay the chaiwala.

          Make all payments huge or little, straightforwardly from the bank with Google pay, Google's new Digital payment app for India.

          Google has affirmed that payments made and taken utilizing UPI are free for consumers and small merchants. Google isn't gathering any payments from exchanges.

          Online Partners like Food Chains, Transport Services, Entertainment Services Like PVR Cinemas etc.

          • Supported banks include Axis, HDFC Bank, ICICI and State Bank of India and others that supports UPI Payment.

          • Online payment partner include huge food chains like Dominos, transport service like RedBus, and Jet Airways.

          • Google says it has joined with HDFC, ICICI, Axis and SBI bank payments benefit in the app. Every one of the indian banks which supports UPI has support for Google pay account.

          • The organization has partners and is working with Domino's Pizza, Jet Airways, RedBus, PayU, BillDesk, PVR films, Shopify, and so forth to let users straightforwardly interface with organizations on the app.

          If there should be an occurrence of a few organizations like PVR and so on, clients will have the capacity to make payments straightforwardly by means of the google pay app.

          To guarantee the security of the client, "Gpay" makes utilization of either Google's 4-digit security PIN or screen/ pattern to open the app each time.

          Google Pay Customer Care

          You can contact google pay customer care.

          Go to settings->scroll down and click help and feedback. At that point scroll down and tap on contact.

          Now scroll down to chat or phone. Furthermore, fill the details at that point,  tap on the send symbol on the top. So this was the technology news about google pay android app

          You can watch step by step instructions on using Google pay in this short video  Google pay how to use? Gpay account

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          Downoad   Google Pay From Play Store