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Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone – Share your files on android app mobile

Google files app...

The android app has 100 million downloads on google play store, with app rating of 4.6, which is really good that app is Google files. The primary focus of the Google Files app is to free up space on your phone and make it faster.  Google files app was originally known as Files Go android app

Google Files app has a cleaner interface and it is really simple to use. When you open Google files app. You will have the main screen that has three tabs namely browse, clean, and Share. The tech news id you can share videos, pictures, and transfer larger files at speeds up to 480 Mbps over the secured network.

Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone – Share your files
Google Files Go

 Features Of Google Files App 

Google Files App has to transfer data up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfers. Files app allow users to clean up old video files and also extract ZIP files.

Google Files app has brought USB OTG support. Users will able to explore the contents available on external USB storage. Files app helps people to view the full folder structure on their phone or any connected USB device.

Users can now see how much free space is left on their SD card and phone. People can transfer files to an SD card to free up their phone’s storage. People can also use the integrated file cleaner to get more space on their internal storage of the phone.

 Customize Notifications Google Files App 

You can customize the Google files app by tapping on the triple bar icon on the top

Now click on settings. Here you can customize notifications.

For eg, if you tick the "low storage" option then it will notify you whenever phones internal memory is about to full.

Users can enable Unused apps notification which will notify users about the apps that are no longer in use. So that users can free up more space on their phone.

Similarly, large media files, junk files, memes, duplicate files options are also available to customize the app.

Users can pause search history if they are searching for some secret document on the phone.

Google Files go app has the option to enable "show hidden file" option which will show you hidden files on your phone.

Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone – Share your files
Google Files App

 Customize Name, Language etc. with Files App 

People can change their names by clicking on the pencil icon.

You can change the language according to your preference in the app. 

Google Files app has language support like Gujarati, Marathi, English, Hindi and many more.

 Sharing Files With Google Files App 

Google has added a dedicated share tab which allows users to share their files instantaneously.

Users can share their videos, documents, pictures or apps with people nearby who also have the files app. providing speed up to 480 Mbps.

Google Files App is free, fast and it works without the internet.

Start pairing up your phone with anyone nearby having Google Files app. and start sharing.

When sending photos is complete, you have the option to share more by tapping the "send more files" option.

 Security With Encryption 

Transferring and receiving of data takes place securely over an encrypted wifi network. Which makes file transfer secure over the network.

Share tab is located towards the bottom. Once you tap Send then A list of people nearby will appear.
Choose the devices nearby, whom you want to send the file.

After that, the recipient hits the Receive option to make the connection. Then File sharing process starts.

Google files app has to option to end file transfer by simply tapping the arrow on the top left-hand corner and selecting Disconnect.

All of the media files will be available within the google file app.

 Increase Mobile Space 

Users can save a file forever by simply selecting it from the Files menu and backing it up to Google Drive or any other storage app.

Google Files app will save space on your phone.

Files app supports transferring of larger files or videos to the memory card. Users can increase more space on internal storage.

Because when internal space on the phone is free then it becomes faster.

Files now works with Google Photos. Once your videos and photos are safely backed up in Google Photos, then files app can detect that and suggest you delete those files and helps you to free up more space.

Google Files app takes less than 10MB on internal storage. so it is more efficient and effective.

 Google Files App Suggestions 

The app also suggests the files which can be erased before you run out of space on internal storage.
This recommendation of Google Files app gets better after a few weeks of regular usage.

Users can clean up the files using "Clean tab" option of in the google files app.

With just a few taps you can free up space on your phone quickly and easily than ever.

People can delete the old photos and memes from chat apps, clear app cache, erase unused apps, remove duplicate images and more.

Cleaning junk files and app cache will boost up your phone and optimize its overall performance.

You will always know, what you’re deleting. You have the option to keep, what you want and delete the rest.

So you are in control over your photos, videos, files etc.

Google files app helps you to keep enough memory so that your phone keeps on running smoothly.

You also get suggestions to remove junk or temporary files which helps you get more storage immediately.

The app also suggests which files users should delete, like low-resolution videos and memes.

You can also sort folders according to their sizes or dates created or file names.

 Increase Storage 

Users can uninstall apps directly from the google files app. just click on the apps. Then click on arrow icons of the app that you want to uninstall.

Here you can uninstall the app and you can also share the app or clear app cache
it also has a duplicate file finder.

If you want to know the file location of the duplicate file you can do so.

Users can long press on the thumbnail, tap the “i” icon to see the location of the file.

 Organize Files 

You have the option to sort the apps according to their file sizes to know which app is taking more storage on your phone.

Google Files allows you to see how much free space is left on your phone and SD card

Google Files app Saves the time looking for photos, videos, and documents on your phone.

It uses filters so your media files like photo, videos are organized in the app.

If you select the Browse tab, you will be able to search for the files on your phone, just like you search on the internet.

The Browse tab section offers a file manager view with different sections which include downloads, received files, apps, images, videos, audio, and documents.

Here you can manage the files, whether you want to rename, view, delete, move or share them.

 Change Image View 

For example, if you want to check your images then click on "images" icon.

Here you will see all of your images. Now if you slide towards the right-hand side, you will see next folder containing images.

Then if you slide more, you will see more folders with their images. this way it becomes very easy to view images on your device.

You can change image view, backup photos to google drive or check image info.

You can sort images by size to find out the media files which are taking more space on your phone internal storage.

Similarly, you can check your videos, downloads, audios, documents, apps sections as well.

If you want to search files in the traditional way then just click on "storage device" option at the bottom and then select the "storage" of your choice.

Here you will see all the folders in traditional ways

You can also change the view of folders from list view to grid view. So this was technology news about googles files

You can watch complete instruction on using Google Files app in this youtube video .  Google files go : free up space

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Download   Google Files App from Play Store